All Love And No Hate Tho

Posted on The Distress Signal | tooling

The old rating system in iTunes is so 2001—full of stars. I used to try and rank all my tracks, but that way lies madness. Recently though, iTunes gave us the option of using the 💙 to signify approval of a track and a 💔 to signify hated tracks, and country music. This is good.

Streaming music is here to stay, and I for one welcome our new algorithmic overlords. The key, is letting the Python scripts know what you like and what you don’t. Hopefully, they’ll learn and start to give us better recommendations. To that end, I knocked together this little Alfred workflow to quickly like or dislike the currently playing track in iTunes. At work I’ve got music playing pretty much all the time, so being able to quickly like/dislike the current song comes in pretty handy.


So, grab the workflow, crank up the tunes, and let the algorithm know how you feel.