I'm Drinking Your Milkshake

Posted on The Distress Signal | web-development

Allow me to say up-front: I’m a fan of both Eleventy and Astro. They occupy a very similar conceptual scope in my head and place in my heart. Recently, I was playing around with the charts from the State of JS 24 survey and I was struck by this one that plots interest in both Astro and Eelevnty.

A chart comparing interest over time in 11ty and Astro.

It’s a bitersweet tale of two JS meta-frameworks. I feel for Zach, who had the right big idea (a framework for ‘on-platform’ sites shipping minimal client-side JS, and an agnostic take on templating languages and component systems)—but maybe had it too early. I get that the chart on its own doesn’t really mean anything. And, I have no doubt that Zach and the excellent eleventy community will keep improving the framework as they always have—and that it will continue to be as wesome as it always has been.

That said, it’s hard not to see Astros success as comming at the cost of Eleventy. Looking at the chart, it feels alot like Astro is drinking Eleventy’s milkshake.