Final Codex

Posted on The Distress Signal | tooling

I wrote this plug-in for Google’s Quick Search Box a while back to replicate a bit of functionality from Coda that I lost when I moved over to Espresso. The gist of the plug-in is that it lets you quickly send search queries to documentation sources for things like HTML, CSS, jQery, Python, MySQL, and so on. I do a lot of these kinds of quick looks into documentation as I’m working so having a quick and easy method for it is helpful.

Even though I’ve now given up on QSB and instead moved over to LaunchBar, for reasons not really worth going into here, I’ve gone ahead and rebuilt this plug-in for use in the new release of QSB. For the less than four people who’ve actually downloaded it and use it here is the latest/last build. I’m also linking up the x-code project for the plug-in just in case anyone is interested in adding support for other languages or re-building it when QSB breaks it again.