My Favorite Things

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Do yourself a favor this year. Skip the clichéd Mariah Carey remakes. Throw those awful Michael Bublé CD’s in the trash. Avoid the whole “Baby it’s Cold Outsite” drama. Just listen to this.

iTunes Album Art for My Favorite Things

Wikipedia explains:

The famous track is a modal rendition of the Rodgers and Hammerstein song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. The melody is heard numerous times throughout, but instead of playing solos over the written chord changes, both Tyner and Coltrane take extended solos over vamps of the two tonic chords, E minor and E major, played in waltz time.

This track exists as a life affirming oasis amid the neverending desert of holiday muzack being piped into every square inch of the public commons this time of year. Coltrane offers an existential escape—a brief respite from the soul crushing weight of those consumer-driven cultural expectations that we call The Holidays.

Be kind to yourself—play it on repeat—breathe. Merry Christmas.