Nishiki Tall Boy

Nishiki Cresta

Several years ago I found this beat up old 80s road bike by Nishiki. The Nishiki Cresta was a mid tier touring bike handmade in Japan for the U.S. market during the glory years (mid-80s) of bike imports from Japan. Built with Tange2 double butted steel tubing—these frames are still somewhat sought after. The unique steel blend offers a nice combination of durability, and comfort—where the steel does a much better job than more modern materials at absorbing road vibrations and providing a comfy ride.

I took the frame and slowly started to replace everything on it. I stretched the forks out so I could run a 700c wheel, got a huge quill stem and swept back bars to improve the riding geometry. Added a mullet drivetrain—a single crank up front with a wide range mountain bike set on the back. Added a thumby shifter, a rack and bag, better caliper brakes, and other odds and ends.

I'd love a bit more clearance to run some fatter tires, and some cantis—but it's mostly where I want it at this point. Living in the city I get to ride quite a lot while running errands and the like.

It's so choice—if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.