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Rolling My Own Hey Imbox

I think the email screening features of are super useful. I couldn't justify the monthly cost of a subscription there, so I decided to roll my own local versions. Using Applescript,, and Raycast, I was able to pretty much replicate the workflow I had when I was using the trial version of Hey. I've been using this setup for a year or so and it's ofically not bad.


Switch Activated Input Devices

At this point, talking about keyboards seems a bit cliché. Still, like the hipster who was a fan of that band before they made it big and sold out—I do feel compelled to pull out my recipts and say a few things on the subject. As a child of the 80s, I grew up with some cool keyboards. The caps were tall and shiny, the layouts were odd, and the cases were loud and full of echo.



Inspired by Cory Dransfeldt—I've been playing around with MusicKit JS to pull down data about what/how I listen to Music. This will probably change a bit as I have more time with the API—but for now, I've got a grid of recent frequently played albums.