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I'm Drinking Your Milkshake

Allow me to say up-front: I'm a fan of both Eleventy and Astro. They occupy a very similar conceptual scope in my head and place in my heart. Recently, I was playing around with the charts from the State of JS 24 survey and I was struck by this one that plots interest in both Astro and Eelevnty.


Rolling My Own Hey Imbox

I think the email screening features of are super useful. I couldn't justify the monthly cost of a subscription there, so I decided to roll my own local versions. Using Applescript,, and Raycast, I was able to pretty much replicate the workflow I had when I was using the trial version of Hey. I've been using this setup for a year or so and it's ofically not bad.



Inspired by Cory Dransfeldt—I've been playing around with MusicKit JS to pull down data about what/how I listen to Music. This will probably change a bit as I have more time with the API—but for now, I've got a grid of recent frequently played albums.