Distress Signal

We shape our tools, and then our tools shape us.

National Cathedral

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I lived in Baltimore for nearly 10 years, it's maybe my favorite city in America. The Wire was in production for most of the time I was living there, and it was a common sight to see actors milling about a cluster of Haddad's trucks anywhere in the city. It is, without a doubt, one of the best TV shows ever.

Is the universe sufficiently vast to contain both the empirical fact that a Faidley’s backfin crabcake is the world’s best and that Baltimore is the fifth most dangerous city in America?

There aren't enough favorite buttons on the internet to express how much I love this response from the shows creator David Simon to "critics" who claim his work puts Baltimore in an unfavorable light.

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In the Middle with Middleman and Frameless

I love Middleman. It's simple, powerful, and fast. I've been playing with Rails and Rails prototyping for a while, mostly with Serve—and with static site generators like Jekyll and Octopress for about just as long. I think Middleman is the best of all of them.

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Winter Crow Roosts

It’s March, and the arrival of Springtime means the end of the large crow roosts. I’d never known about crow roosts before I moved into my current apartment, but apparently during the Winter crows gather in large numbers in the evening hours and then fly off to spend the whole night gathered together in one spot as a roost. Roosts can range in size from a hundered crows to hundereds of thousands of crows.

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